Dry Dock 1 Super Flood Basin



AME served as Marine Engineer of Record for a super flood basin in front of Dry Dock 1 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. This basin is the first of its kind and was designed for the US Navy to provide new life to an old dry dock that was too shallow for the current fleet of submarines.

The super flood basin was designed to artificially raise the water elevation in front of the dry dock to allow docking of Los Angeles Class submarines without the use of buoyancy assist tanks and without restrictions due to tides. The innovative solution allowed the dry dock to remain operational during construction.  This US Navy project known as “MILCON Project P-310” was bundled with another, “MILCON Project P-1074,” to construct the super flood basin and provides an extension to the portal crane rail in the vicinity along with various utility upgrades. Overall, the project was successfully awarded to a single contractor at $157M. AME was subsequently awarded the task to provide Post Construction Award Services throughout the multiple phases of construction.


Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UEMMS) MSF Guam

Professional services for planning and engineering of a new Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UEMMS) at Naval Base Guam.


Offshore Tower Rebuild Egmont Channel Ranges RRL & RFL

A unique project for the replacement of two Range structures the design of which was driven by equipment requirements and exposure to extreme environmental forces.