Private Shipyard Mooring Hardware Analysis and Testing



Following a mooring fitting failure, a private shipyard tasked AME with assessing the existing dockside fittings at a fitting out pier located in Florida. Initially, AME completed a special site investigation and included above water inspections of the mooring bollards to determine if the bollards had adequate capacity to support the line loads for ‘normal’ weather that were developed under a separate contract. Later, AME was tasked with assessing for ‘heavy weather conditions’ as well. Following the assessments, AME developed a mooring hardware load testing program and provided oversight and inspection services during the testing of mooring hardware in two phases: normal weather conditions and heavy weather conditions.


Dry Dock 1 Super Flood Basin

Designed for the US Navy, this first-of-its-kind basin provides new life to an old dry dock that was too shallow for the current fleet of submarines.


University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus Pier

A new pier designed using contemporary codes, practices, and construction materials with long term durability and resiliency with a minimum 50-year service life achievement in mind.