Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UEMMS) MSF Guam



AME provided professional services for planning and engineering of a new Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UEMMS) at Naval Base Guam. The purpose of the project was to provide the US Navy with the capability to measure magnetic signatures and electric fields of submarines forward deployed and homeported at Naval Base Guam. The newly installed UEMMS would also facilitate future classes of submarine as well as facility upgrades as dictated by advances in magnetic silencing technology for a period of 20 years. AME staff performed project management, quality control, safety planning, above and underwater inspection, assessment, analysis, design, including drafting and development of specifications, construction-phase scheduling, and cost estimating. AME was responsible for subcontractor coordination, planning, quality control, and oversight. Further, AME incorporated Government-furnished design elements into a harmonized package.


Major Aids to Navigation Inspections at Various US Coast Guard 7th & 8th Districts Offshore and Inland Sites

A team of AME engineer-divers and certified tower climbers mobilized to perform the inspection of 32 ATONs of various types.


Private Shipyard Mooring Hardware Analysis and Testing

Following a recent mooring fitting failure, a private shipyard tasked AME with assessing the existing dockside fittings at a fitting out pier located in Florida.