USCG Yard Baltimore Tower Crane 5



AME completed a task order at the US Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore which included a detailed, multi-faceted investigation of the Crane Rail Foundations for Tower Cranes #4 & #5. The task included the performance of partially destructive testing and a Basic Structural Analysis to determine adequacy for continued use, establish load limits, and to make recommendations regarding the use of the cranes and necessary repairs to restore the foundations to safe conditions. AME also completed a cradle zone certification analysis at three facilities used to dry dock vessels during maintenance and rehabilitation cycles. This project involved a special above and underwater field investigation to support the analysis, which provided a maximum allowable safe working load within the vessel cradle loading zones.

As a follow-on task order, AME was tasked with the design of a complete rehabilitation of the foundation for Tower Crane 5, resulting in $2,500,000 in improvements. AME staff performed all above and underwater inspection, safety planning, project management, quality control, cost estimating, regulatory permitting, report preparation, structural analysis and design, and subconsultant/subcontractor oversight, quality control, management, and coordination.


University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus Pier

A new pier designed using contemporary codes, practices, and construction materials with long term durability and resiliency with a minimum 50-year service life achievement in mind.


Major Aids to Navigation Inspections at Various US Coast Guard 7th & 8th Districts Offshore and Inland Sites

A team of AME engineer-divers and certified tower climbers mobilized to perform the inspection of 32 ATONs of various types.