Major Aids to Navigation Inspections – USCG Civil Engineering Unit Miami

Lighthouse aerial image part of the Major Aids to Navigation Inspection Report


In May 2020, Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC (AME) was awarded a task order from US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Miami to complete inspections of Major Aids to Navigation in various locations throughout Districts 7 and 8. The purpose of these inspections was to detect and report conditions requiring maintenance or repair before such conditions became safety, structural or major maintenance problems for servicing Coast Guard personnel.


Engineer inspects a Major Aids to Navigation tower structure


A team of AME engineer-divers and authorized climbers deployed to over 32 individual sites to examine each ATON structure of varying types, including multi-pile platform, steel skeleton tower, lighthouses, monopile, JRIRS, spindle, and steel tower mounted to a warehouse, to perform inspection services, minor maintenance, and repairs. The field team also completed diving underwater inspections of ATONS that are based in water to investigate the condition of the underwater structure.


Engineers inspect tower equipments and structure


Subsequent to all field work, the same field team engineers developed written reports to detail their findings, and included recommendations for repairs, and preliminary cost estimates for budgetary purposes.


Appledore instruments used for under and above water inspection at the USCG facility in Puerto Rico

Waterfront Facilities Inspection and Assessment – USCG Puerto Rico

Inspection and assessment revealing structural deterioration prompting load restrictions and repair recommendations for US Coast Guard Sector San Juan, PR