About Us

Appledore Marine Engineering (AME) is a one-of-a-kind, industry-leading engineering consulting firm that specializes in waterfront infrastructure in ocean and inland waterway environments. The firm’s focus on delivering exemplary design services and underwater inspections differentiates Appledore among the firm’s Federal, State, and private clients.

AME’s reputation of “getting it done” for our valued clients is evidenced in our consistent track record of exceptional performance ratings.

Title: President

Noah J. Elwood, PE, D.PE, D.OE

As an industry expert, Noah serves in leadership roles on national engineering committees that write standards for professional practitioners.

Title: Vice President

Kirk F. Riden, PE

Kirk is an award-winning industry expert in the field of waterfront and offshore engineering with over two decades of experience

Title: Vice President

Matthew L. Teeden, PE, SE, D.PE

Matthew's entire career has been focused exclusively on the inspection, design, and repair of waterfront structures.

Title: Vice President & Co-Founder

Robert M. Snover, PE, D.PE, D.OE

Bob Snover's 30+ year career in civil/structural engineering has focused on underwater and above water inspection and associated design of maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, modernization, and replacement of waterfront/marine structures throughout the world.

Title: Vice President & Co-Founder

Lawrence Wagner, PE

Throughout his 30+ years as a civil and structural engineer, Lawrence has focused on the evaluation and design of repairs for waterfront facilities for local and federal government agencies.

Title: Chief Engineer

John W. Gaythwaite, PE, D.PE, D.CE

With an impressive 50+ years of experience, John has been involved in the design of over $100 million in waterfront infrastructure improvements for the federal government as both project manager and peer reviewer.

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