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“For over 35 years, I have served as a leader for AME. As a founder, I understand how the culture evolved and the basis behind many procedures and processes. As a strategic planner, I realized the importance of change in leadership and allowing others to lead, grow, and improve company operations. As a senior partner, I share my experience and help guide where the current leadership team wants to go.”

Lawrence Wagner, PE - Co-Founder and Senior Consultant

Lawrence Wagner co-founded Appledore Marine Engineering in 2004 with fellow Vice President Robert Snover. Throughout his 30+ years as a civil and structural engineer, Lawrence has focused on the evaluation and design of repairs for waterfront facilities for local and federal government agencies. A certified commercial diver, Lawrence leads AME engineer-dive teams during field investigations of waterfront facilities across the US and abroad, as part of his hands-on approach to working with clients to solve problems and ensure efficient project delivery.

At AME, Lawrence’s mission has been to never let a learning opportunity go untapped. With decades of experience evaluating the performance of a full range of structures, design types, and environments, he has gained in-depth education and insight on what works and what does not work and, most importantly, why. Each project AME completes is rife with opportunities to improve. Focusing on learning from these opportunities and improving our systems is part of the DNA Bob helped create that makes AME the industry-leading firm it is today. Helping AME staff recognize this learning opportunity and fostering their ability to grow is something he consciously brings to the table.

It is through this same lens that Lawrence believes AME best serves and achieves client goals. Intentionally controlling company size, Lawrence, alongside his co-Principals, has stayed involved in the day-to-day work and decisions on all projects, whether large or small. Rather than focusing on the traditional leadership role of client cultivation, board guidance, and sales, Lawrence has remained committed to nurturing and maintaining AME’s one-of-a-kind culture and to providing the best waterfront engineering solutions to achieve client goals. For Lawrence, it’s about upholding the number one rule to never lose sight of what is best for the client—a rule he willingly admits can be difficult at times, as an engineer with a desire to dive deeply into problems where one may lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Lawrence is a registered professional engineer in 19 states.

Did You Know? “Strategic thinking comes naturally to me, and I am always looking around the corner for what we missed, what we can improve on, what our clients’ needs are, and how to stay on the useful edge of technology. It is this continual improvement that will ensure AME retains its earned reputation as an industry leader.”