Major Aids to Navigation Inspections at Various US Coast Guard 7th & 8th Districts Offshore and Inland Sites



AME was tasked by US Coast Guard CEU Miami to perform inspections and minor repairs of free-standing Aids to Navigation (ATON) towers at multiple locations in the US Coast Guard’s 7th and 8th districts, namely in the States of Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and the territory of Puerto Rico. A team of AME engineer-divers and certified tower climbers mobilized to perform the inspection of 32 ATONs of various types including multi-pile platform, monopile, lighthouses and steel skeleton towers. All field investigations were completed in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR Parts 1910 and 1926 and climbing operations utilized ANSI Z359.1 approved climber equipment. Upon completion of field work, reports were developed detailing all findings, recommendations for repairs, and preliminary cost estimates for budgetary purposes.


Offshore Tower Rebuild Egmont Channel Ranges RRL & RFL

A unique project for the replacement of two Range structures the design of which was driven by equipment requirements and exposure to extreme environmental forces.

Engineer Diver performing inspection underwater

Waterfront Facilities Inspections

AME performed a waterfront facilities inspection and assessment at Naval Submarine Base Kitsap-Bangor and Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton in Washington