Waterfront Facilities Inspections

Engineer Diver performing inspection underwater


AME performed a waterfront facilities inspection and assessment at Naval Submarine Base Kitsap-Bangor and Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton in Washington. The inspection was completed by a team of AME’s in-house engineer-divers.

The inspection included a Level I (visual) inspection on 100% of the elements above water with varying percentages below water to a maximum depth of -90 (MSL) and 10% Level II/III inspections on structural elements underwater. A cursory inspection was also completed at the Magnetic Silencing Facility.

This inspection also included concrete coring and reinforcing steel measurements including depth of cover, continuity and half-cell voltage potentials which will be used in preparing the estimate to extend the service life of the structures to year 2035 and to 2080. The samples and measurements were completed at various locations at the Marginal Wharf, Delta Dry Dock and Refit Pier. The concrete samples were sent to a laboratory where material analyses were performed, and results were presented in a Service Life Model Report.


Commercial Shipyard Dry Dock Repair Design and Certification

AME recently completed a structural inspection of the floors, walls, and seat of a large commercial shipbuilding basin at a shipyard facility in California.


Thule, Greenland Design

Above and underwater inspections, engineering studies, design, and construction services conducted at Thule Airbase in Greenland.