Commercial Shipyard Dry Dock Repair Design and Certification



AME completed a structural inspection of the floors, walls, and seat of a large commercial shipbuilding basin at a shipyard facility in California. The purpose of the inspection was to document the existing conditions of the graving dock in support of AME’s design of the modified seat and also to identify deterioration to the dock’s floors, walls, and seat to support the client’s coordination with the ship owner to recertify the dock. Following the structural inspection and evaluation of the graving dock, AME was tasked with completing the design of replacement and modernization of the caisson gate and seat of the graving dock and providing onsite construction support. AME also worked with the owner to get the new graving dock recertified. The design and construction phases of this project were successfully completed meeting very stringent time restrictions due to shipbuilding operations and schedules.


USCG Yard Baltimore Tower Crane 5

AME completed a task order at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore which included a detailed, multi-faceted investigation of the Crane Rail Foundations for Tower Cranes #4 & #5.


Dry Dock 1 Super Flood Basin

Designed for the US Navy, this first-of-its-kind basin provides new life to an old dry dock that was too shallow for the current fleet of submarines.