Pier Rehabilitation at the University of Maine – Darling Marine Center

Aerial photo of UMaine Pier, Appledore Featured Project


AME was tasked with completing a concept study for the pier rehabilitation at the University of Maine – Darling Marine Center. AME implemented a collaborative three-phase charrette involving approximately 20 stakeholders including educators, researchers, administrators, facility, and design personnel to detail out the stated project goals. A team of engineer divers from AME performed an above and underwater design level inspection of the existing facility to help determine the best method of rehabilitation.

AME led the design to replace the DMC waterfront facilities, including replacement of the fixed pier and floating docks, boat ramp repairs, and moving the location of the living laboratory seawater pump station to the shoreside. The design utilized an innovative approach that required evaluation of the existing structural elements as candidates for possible re-use. While the superstructure was entirely unusable and the substructure had severe deterioration, the team evaluated the existing deteriorated rock filled cellular cofferdams as an asset due to their inherent mass and challenges to removal. This approach was further validated when considering the temporary environmental impacts that would result from their removal.

AME prepared design drawings, basis of design documents, technical specifications, and calculations provided in preliminary and final completion submittals. Upon completion of the design, AME performed site inspection, Request for Information (RFI) and submittal review/response for the marine work.


University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus Pier

A new pier designed using contemporary codes, practices, and construction materials with long term durability and resiliency with a minimum 50-year service life achievement in mind.

Engineer Diver performing inspection underwater

Waterfront Facilities Inspections

AME performed a waterfront facilities inspection and assessment at Naval Submarine Base Kitsap-Bangor and Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton in Washington