Repairs and Improvements Engineering Studies – USCG Base Boston

Aerial image of the USCG Boston Waterfront


AME provided engineering studies, design analysis, regulatory permitting, and bid-document preparation for the USCG Base Boston Wharf 4 and Pier 3. The purpose of the project was to provide repairs and improvements to the waterfront structures. AME completed a study to investigate the concrete pile corrosion and a structural analysis to determine the piles’ capacity.

This study also included field investigation where it was determined through advanced testing of concrete core samples that the concrete piles are fully saturated with chlorides and experiencing deterioration resulting from a combination of freeze/thaw deterioration and sulfate attack. AME has designed non-structural jackets with integrated cathodic protection to protect the existing prestressed concrete piles from saturated chloride deterioration and mitigate against further chloride saturation. Protection of the existing prestressed piles are established by making an welded connection to the existing reinforcing steel to establish electrical continuity. A connection is also made to the bulk anode below the water line and the galvanic anodes within the pile jacket fixed to the pile.

AME engineer-divers inspected the structures, provided project management, cost estimate, design and drafting services.


Appledore instruments used for under and above water inspection at the USCG facility in Puerto Rico

Waterfront Facilities Inspection and Assessment – USCG Puerto Rico

Inspection and assessment revealing structural deterioration prompting load restrictions and repair recommendations for US Coast Guard Sector San Juan, PR

Engineer Diver performing inspection underwater

Waterfront Facilities Inspections

AME performed a waterfront facilities inspection and assessment at Naval Submarine Base Kitsap-Bangor and Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton in Washington