Waterfront Facilities Inspection and Condition Assessment – US Naval Station Washington

Waterfront Inspection being performed at US Naval Station in Washington


AME completed a Waterfront Facilities Inspection and Condition Assessment at a US Naval Station in Washington. The investigation included a routine-level inspection and asset inventory of the waterfront structures including substructure, superstructure, deck components, mooring/berthing system elements, appurtenances, slope protection, civil/mechanical utilities, and electrical utilities. Inspection of the utilities and handrails were limited to their general structural conditions and did not include a review of their operation (i.e., capability, capacity, flow pressure, etc.) or code compliance.

The intent of the inspection was to gather sufficient information to complete an assessment of general structural condition. The assessment included the development of recommended general repairs, operational capabilities, and a cost estimate for budgeting purposes. The actual repair methods and quantities for repair should follow a design level inspection by the designer of record. Quantities shown in the cost estimate have been increased to account for undetected deterioration and growth.

To better quantify the extent of hidden deterioration, a small sampling of timber resistance drill measurements was completed within the tidal zone. This testing identified some (20 percent) wrapped piles with hidden internal deterioration.


Engineer performs Waterfront Inspection at US Naval Station in Washington
Aerial photo of UMaine Pier, Appledore Featured Project

Pier Rehabilitation at the University of Maine – Darling Marine Center

Concept study for the pier rehabilitation involving under and above water inspection, design drawings, basis of design documents, technical specifications, and calculations provided in preliminary and final completion submittals.

Aerial image of the USCG Boston Waterfront

Repairs and Improvements Engineering Studies – USCG Base Boston

AME engineer-divers inspected the structures, provided project management, cost estimate, design and drafting services.